Latest News: Sunday, 13 October 2019

🎈Welcome to the 2019 / 2020 Athletics Season🎈

We compete from October to March each year.

Friday 28st February ~ Make up round

Little A’s Friday 28th Feb ~ Catch up Week

We have now completed the program 3 times, to be fair as we draw closer to the end of the season, we are using this week as a catch up week.

As you are all aware, we missed some events, in some age groups due to safety when there was issues with air quality and rain

Events to catch up per age group
Under 6 – 7 Have completed all events – see program for extra events
Under 8 60m hurdles
Under 9 60m hurdles
Under 10 200m, 60m hurdles and HJ
Under 11 Girls – 80m hurdles, TJ & 200m
Under 11 Boys – 80m hurdles, Javelin & 800m
Under 12 Girls – 80m hurdles, TJ & 200m
Under 12 Boys – 80m hurdles, Javelin & 800m
Under 13 80m hurdles, 800m and shot put
Under 14 80/90m hurdles & HJ
Under 15 90/100m hurdles, HJ, 200m800m
Under 17 100/110m hurdles & 800m

⭐️Start Times⭐️
5pm – 5.30 Warm up session with Keatyn – all Welcome to attend
5.30pm – Under 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10’s start ( Under 10’s have high jump starting at 5.30 this week)
6.30 – Under 11, 12, 13, 14,15 and 17’s start

Please Note – Under 9 -17’s
Walks are optional this year, starting at 5.30pm this Friday (Rotation A only) So if your keen to do the walk, please come at 5.30pm for the walk, the rest of your events will start at 6.30pm. (Remember under 9’s start every week at 5.30pm)

⭐️State Track and Field Championship⭐️
Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March at SOPAC. Congratulations to all athletes who will be competing over that weekend.
We will be given State Parent Duties, however, we hadn’t received them yet. Please keep a lookout for our sign up genius.
State Track and field –
Full list of athletes per club/centre – TLMLA starts on page 180
List of athletes per event

⭐️BBQ and Canteen⭐️
Mingara athletics club will be cooking up a storm, please support them. The canteen will also be opened for your convenience.