#Do you offer a tiny tots program? NO. Not at this time.

# Do you offer a family discount ? NO at this time.

# Do you have a registration day ? NO.

# Do you run trials ? NO.

# What are the start times each week ? They are published on the website just before season start each year and variable depending on numbers and committee size. 

# When is the season ? October to March .

# Can I register using an Apple device ? NO you are best to use a Windows PC.

# Can I pay my registration at the track ? NO must be done on-line.

# Can I pick up my pack or compete if I have not paid ? NO you must be financial for both.

# Do I have to send in my child’s birth certificate ? YES it can be emailed in which case we delete it after viewing or we can sight it at the Orientation evening.

# Can you get a refund of your fees ? NO. 

# If I register after 2.00pm on a Thursday can I compete ? NO there is insufficient time to process the registration. Note the cut off time maybe changed at the discretion of the committee with out notice.

# What is the Centre number and do you need this number on your uniform  ? The Centre number is 165 and is only needed if you are competing outside of the club at championships etc.

# Will the club use photos of my child for the yearbook and website ? You are opted in for photos unless you contact us to opt out . Photos will not be used in social media.

# How do I pay for uniforms ? Cash payment only at the track , we don’t have eftpos facilities.

# Does my child  have to wear the uniform ? YES uniform is compulsory.

# What does the uniform cost ? 30.00 for the singlet and 25.00 crop top. 

#  Does my child need the number patches etc put on the uniform ? YES they cannot compete without the number patches.

# Can my child wear skins for the shorts ? YES as long as they are plain black and no logos.

# My child is to young join can they join in with an older age group ? NO.

# When do I pick up my pack and buy uniforms ? On the Orientation night , 1st 3 comp nights then only on request.